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branding yourself — where do I even start?

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Creating a cohesive and clear brand image is crucial to building reputation, community, and leads that increased revenue. In this short blog, I discuss the basic journal prompts to begin branding your company.


Imagine that you're walking through a mall. You can feel the energy draining and soon you begin to look for that sign. The deep green sign with a mermaid that screams, "you made it!! Coffee is here!"

BUT - Starbucks’ branding is more than the logo itself. It's the feeling you get when entering the shop. There's an ambiance.

Low music, friendly staff members, clean surfaces, and efficient service. Warm and inviting colors. Supreme customer service. Every single aspect of their brand is thoroughly curated to give customers a luxurious experience. Because of Starbucks' branding success, not only are they recognizable, but they also become many people's "go-to" when searching for coffee. That's exactly what you should aim to be! You want to be the "go-to" that customers continually shop at and mention to their friends or family members.


To define your brand image, work through the journaling prompts below. Grab a snack, a drink, and get specific! Don't worry about getting it exactly right the first time.

1. What product or service do you provide?

More importantly than focusing on the product itself, focus on the solution that you are offering potential customers. Instead of seeing yourself as a baker who sells cakes, market yourself as a necessary part of celebration! Go into detail about how food is a large part of every culture and by baking cakes for special events, you're providing a way to bond and celebrate with loved ones.

2. What makes you different than your competition?

While I have mentioned in other blogs the importance of community over competition, it is also important to diversify your brand. Do you offer personalization? Do you have THE BEST customer service? Why should I work with you?

3. What demographic will buy your product?

Creating a consumer profile (or target market) is necessary for effective marketing. For example, let's say that you own a gym that focuses on inclusivity. Your consumer profile is probably female, between the ages of 20-45, locally based, and middle to lower class. To figure out your own consumer profile, look into statistic surrounding your practice.

4. How do you want to be perceived by others?

When consumers stumble across your instagram page or see your advertisement - how do you want them to feel? Hopeful? Calm? Excited? Motivated? Think of your favorite store. Obviously, I'm going to use Target as an example. Personally, when I walk into Target I feel upbeat and excited. I see Target as a place that is a little "boujee" and has a slightly elevated shopping experience compared to other grocers and department stores. Think about the product/service that you offer and write down how you want consumers to feel when they shop with you.

5. What color scheme and typography reflects your business?

Yesssssssss.. this is finally the fun part! I love making aesthetic brand choices, but it can be hard to narrow down exactly what your style is. Before choosing a color scheme, think about the questions above. According to color psychology, different colors, hue, and shades carry different feelings. It all comes back to the feeling. If you want your customers to feel excited and motivated - strong colors like orange or red will draw them in. The same goes for typography. Bold, sharp, and straight fonts will convey confidence. Thin, feminine, and curvy lettering can make customers feel welcome and calm.

Why is this vocation your passion?

Yes, customers want to purchase your product. More than that, consumers really want to purchase from a person. Share why you chose the path you have, share your passions, share your inspirations.


A company's brand is a preview into their product. Use this list of questions to guide your decision making through the branding process. Of course if you have any questions, let me know! I offer one-on-one coaching sessions, or if you don't want to learn all of this, I also offer individual services!

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